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Footing Loading Diagram Overlap

You will note on the attached pdf file that the sketch of the footings in each case is larger than the space that was left for it.  Either there is some way for me to adjust the scale (which I haven’t been able to find) or the program picks the scale and screwed up.  Is this error a bug in me or a bug in StruCalc 8'.0?  And if the later, is that bug to be corrected in 9.0?


This bug was submitted by a user.

This bug appears to affect footing designs only and appears when the aspect ratio of your footing meets or exceeds a 2 to 1 between the width and depth of the footing.

This will be addressed in StruCalc 9.0 but currently we are not planning any further updates to StruCalc 8.0.

Thank you for your support of StruCalc! We appreciate any and all user submissions and strongly believe in software design driven by our user base. We will attempt to apply fixes for all issues submitted by our users.

I think we need an example of a under design and show how Strucalc can find all the problems. This design you know is a over design by inspection.

Can you elaborate on what you are asking for?

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