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Reinforced Concrete Beam Design

We have got some interest in developing this. What do you guys think is this something you'd like to see integrated into StruCalc in the future?

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I think it is a great idea. I am a current strucalc user and I am currently trying to find a software program to accomplish this exact task. The ones I have found so far are very costly and if purchased would effect my rate of upgrading for strucalc in order to offset the cost. Even if it was bundled as a companion software to the main application, I would purchase today if available.

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Good Idea

Also you might want to consider one way slabs and lintels for masonry openings.

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I agree.  

It should be able to design both a single (bottom) and double (top) reinforced concrete/masonry lintel beam with and without shear/torsion stirrups.  It might want to report if the beam is cracked or un-cracked;

Working stress design or Strength design with factored loads would be important.

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I agree.

It would be great to have a masonry and RC module!

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That would certainly be a module I'd be interested in.

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I'm interested. I have need to design a residential concrete grade beam spanning between helical pier caps right now!

I would love to have a concrete beam module.

Maybe the first step would be to provide a module that would size for a precast concrete lintel with CMU above.  I currently cheat by having StruCalc design a steel beam and adding some additional dead load to account for the weight difference between steel and concrete, then compare the results (shear, max moment, and uniform loading) to the tables from a local precast lintel manufacturer.

Before Load Tracker was included, it wasn't a huge deal - just not as clean as one would like, and having to jump between multiple resources was kind of a pain.

Now with Load Tracker, I can't use the Load Tracker to track the loads down to a column/footing.

It would be nice to keep everything in one program.

Thanks for continuing to make value-added improvements.

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It is a great addition. I would like it very much

I'd buy today. Hope it's in the works!

David, I've signed you up for our StruCalc Plus newsletter. This is a new program that will be released in 2018 that will include concrete design.

Great. I would buy it ASAP

I would buy it ASAP

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