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Version 9 errors when trying to open

I just tried to open Version 9.  I haven't used it since installing and testing out the first version just after installing.  I get the attached messages and then it exits.

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I have the same situation as the Validation_Required notice provided in this question.  I can not get into the program at all. How can I fix this ASAP??

I just purchased Version9.0.
I tried to open "Hip/Valley Beam" module with no success !!!! All other modules are accessible.

I get a message says "Error Opening Design Module".

How do I access?


There's no mention how to use the pole foundation part of COLUMN.


I'm new and need more info on unbraced length and how to apply it or where to find in a tutorial. Also it doesn't appear the rafter module is working properly.

I have just purchased Strucalc 9 and have the same problem as David . Has anyone found a fix?

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