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GUI error

Here is a GUI error that happens on occasion with StruCalc 9. It occurs randomly, when I hit the equals button or when I switch between beams/members. I am on the 'design' tab but instead of seeing the design inputs I am seeing the list of beams instead (what normally appears on the 'Start Page'). I haven't been able to figure out a pattern or trigger for what causes this.

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I want to add another 'bug'. The project manager tab does not automatically add newly created beams to the list. As soon as I close a module and tell it to go ahead and save the beam it sends me back to the project manager. However, the beam I just created is not there. I have to click on the start page tab and then click back to the project manager so that it 'refreshes' and then the beam shows up in the list. Could this be fixed so the project manager is automatically displaying newly created members.


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