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Links to stud clolumn from each beam module

A button for each reaction point on the beam modules that would open a new stud column and fill in the reaction amounts from the beam module.

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Excellent idea! I basically keep the column module always open for this very reason; it would be much more convenient to have it built into the beam module.

To take it a step further, I'd like to see load-linking, like Forte allows. This allows you to trace a load vertically down through the structure, linking beam reactions to columns, column reactions to pads, etc. Whenever you change a member or loading scenario, everything updates through the link.

I think this is covered in the new StruCalc Load Tracker. Let me know if there is more to what you are talking about. In addition, for StruCalc 10.0, we are developing a Wall Design Module which will allow using the wall design in the Load Tracker and overall design.

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