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Load Titles

It would be very helpful if there was a way to identify or label loads as they are being input.  For example, "wall above" or "ceiling joists".  On multi-loaded members, if one of the loads change - say wall is moved - it can be confusing to come back an reanalyze the member.  A simple label field would be a big help.

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Or even better; what if we could link the loads from different beams? If point load 1 on Beam 2 is the reaction of Beam 1, then modifying Beam 1 would automatically update the point load value on Beam 2. That would be the holy grail right there.

StruCalc Load Tracker has been released and allows the linking of loads together.

As far as the labeling of individual loads I don't know about that. Seems like a pretty big project. I will add it to feature requests for StruCalc 10.0. but can't make any promises.