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strucalc 9 new fitures

I have recently upgraded my V-8 to V-  The program is missing the following features that was listed as new in V-9 :

1- Multi-span combination roof and floor beam module.

2- Added one new point load in combination roof & floor beam Module.

3- Added ability to accommodate lateral (wind) force in roof rafter module.

4- Included provision to design a point load at the pick of Collar Tie assembly in

    collar tie module.

5- added a ground level footing with an embedded post to resist over turning loads

     in Footing module.

6- missing V-9 Help.

Am I missing updates or the above are not yet incorporated in the program?


Here is a list of the new StruCalc 9.0 Features:

Where are you getting  your list of new features? I will research this if you can let me know.

Hi Adam

you will find them all in the following address in the Solutions Page:


Hamid Magzub

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