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Beta Test of Multi-load Tracker - list of bugs 11-22-15

1. Deleting a load from the "Load trackers Above" box, the loads are not deleted from the "Point Loads" entries boxes. It just removes the live link, doesn't really delete the load.

2. The load tracker will not insert negative loads in the "Point Loads" entries boxes. i.e., uplift from one end of a multi-span beam. It shows up in the  "Load trackers Above" box, but that's it.

3. Pop-box when viewing the VMD diagrams is a real pain to click the thumb-tack twice every single time. Only reason I need to view the VMD is to see the actual deflection on the beam. So, PLEASE... show these deflection values in the "Adequacy" pop-up.

4. When doing a mutli-span beam, have span values in the left, and center span boxes as well as loads on each. Now delete the center span value as if you are trying to change it. You're now stuck in an error loop.

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