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Show beam deflection values on the "Adequacy" pop-up.

Pop-box when viewing the VMD diagrams is a real pain to click the thumb-tack twice every single time. Only reason I need to view the VMD is to see the actual deflection on the beam. So, PLEASE... show these deflection values in the "Adequacy" pop-up.

This would greatly speed up the trial and error process when sizing members.

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Are you talking about this value from the VMD Diagram?

Can't speak for Mr. Morgan but those are the values that I would like to see.

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Yes, show that on the same screen that appears just after the green "equal" button is pressed. It would make the beam selection process much shorter. A percentage value is worthless to me...

Alright we are going to do this in StruCalc 10.0. Thanks for the input guys even the engineers here at StruCalc said that is a great idea.

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