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Converting Old files

I just downloaded and am using the new load tracker version of StruCalc (which is great!) It would be great if the program would automatically convert the existing 9.0 files (.pr8) files to the new (.prx) files without having to go and save through the "Browse for Folder" window.  It is very cumbersome.

1 person has this question is prompting me to automatically update the .pr8 to .prx ; I'm not sure if this is new or not. However, it's still asking for a directory to save it in. Please have the default be to save it in the same place the .pr8 is located. As stated above by Elise it is a pain to have to navigate to the folder I just opened this file from.

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There needs to be a dialog box for users to select where to save the new file as not everyone will keep files in the same location. However, I do see the point of setting the dialog box to where you just opened the file from and not the current directory that the Project Manager uses, which is how it is currently configured.

I have added an update to our development list to make the change to where the dialog box opens and it should be available when we release

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