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load tracker beam list request

The list of beams seems to be arranged by putting the most recently edited beam at the bottom of the list. This creates a lot of scrolling because I am usually putting this beam's reaction onto the next beam I am sizing. Could you make an option to invert this so the most recently edited beam is at the top?

Otherwise; I'm really enjoying this new plug-in, it's working great so far.



We've had multiple requests for sorting options in many areas of the program. Due to the file format we use (XML) which requires us to read the file from top to bottom and saves the most recently edited member always at the bottom there are limitations to what we can do.

I can tell you that figuring out ways to sort lists and printing projects and the Summary Report is high on our list of things to figure out but it hasn't been accomplished yet.

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Another option that would help is simply being able to re-size the dialog box. If I could just stretch the box enough to see all the beams then I won't have to do any scrolling.

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