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Error message when switching between multiple open beams

In version, if I have multiple beams open, and I am viewing a beam that isn't saved (either a new beam or a previously saved beam that I've changed but haven't re-saved), and I click on the tab of another open beam to switch to it, I get the error message "This analysis has not been saved. Do you wish to save it now? This will overwrite your existing design." and previous versions did not display this message when switching between beams, only when closing beams, and it is pretty annoying when working with multiple inter-related beams at once.

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The weirder part is that it doesn't actually overwrite anything. You can go ahead and switch to another beam and come back to it and the data is still there. So it just seems like an unnecessary warning dialog. 

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Well, this issue is still there in StruCalc 10, sadly.

Given that what I think the developers are trying to do is warn you that you haven't saved the currently active beam when you switch to another beam, re-using the "close unsaved beam" warning is not the right answer, since you aren't closing the beam and won't actually lose anything unless you close StruCalc completely. StruCalc natively supports having multiple beams open at once, which makes that dialog box (which you have to manually dismiss every time you swap between open beams) even more annoying.

In my opinion, one good solution to the issue the devs are trying to address would be to color the tabs of any open beam that isn't saved bright red or some other eye-catching warning color. This would flag unsaved beams to the user without the annoying dialog box. The current error message could be relegated to its proper place, popping up only when you close an unsaved beam or project with unsaved beams.
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