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Unlink Print Preview from printer defaults

 Print Preview pulls the page orientation from the default settings for whichever printer you select in Settings. Since we almost always print landscape for our drawings, I have set that to the default in the printer driver. Unfortunately, StruCalc doesn't handle landscape gracefully, and offers no way of changing the page orientation at all outside of changing the printer defaults. Please add a page orientation setting to the Printer tab of Settings.


Thanks for your update. We haven't had anyone inform us before about landscape settings.

When I use Print Preview and go to Print, there is a Properties button that when clicked gives you access to the more advanced Printer settings.

Is this not helpful to what you are describing? I am not sure what a page orientation settings in the printer tab would do for users although I am open to the idea.

Apologies for the late reply. I don't often need to print from StruCalc, so it doesn't come up much.

The issue with what you mention is that while it does work, the Print Preview does not actually update to reflect the selected orientation until after you actually print the page. Adding a setting to StruCalc would let you preview the orientation before actually printing.


To add on to what I just posted, something I just noticed is that even when you set the page orientation in the Print settings, if you leave Print Preview and then go back to it, your orientation is set back to the printer's default orientation. This means that you're blind printing every time if your printer's default is set to Landscape, unless of course you print twice in a row from Print Preview without leaving it.


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