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Random UI change in

 I don't know if this is a bug or just a poor design decision, but the list of buttons in the lower left corner of the StruCalc window rearranged itself on installation of the patch (prior installed version was The order I had before the patch was Design, Loading Diagram, Autosize, VMD Diagram, Stress Values, Print Preview, which you can see is the default order in the 10.0 instructional videos. appears to have a new default order of Design, Autosize, Print Preview, Loading Diagram, VMD Diagram, Stress Values. I know they can be rearranged using the pop-out menu, and I've now done that to match the old order, but changing the order in an arbitrary manner is annoying when you've built up muscle memory over years of using the program.

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Even when you arrange the buttons to your liking, it does not save the changes and has to be re-arranged every time you open up the program. 

Hope this is changed soon!

Is there any update to this?

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