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Alternate licensing validation

Requiring an internet connection in order to validate license is a periodic problem, but can sometimes be a huge one. Please either scrap this requirement, or provide an alternate way for users to validate their license, so they can continue to produce work even if Strucalc's servers are down, or the user's internet connection (anybody ever had a problem with Xfinity/Comcast or Century Link?) are down, work can continue.

This could save you from losing some very frustrated users who are losing billable time and potentially losing their own core clients due to missing important delivery deadlines.

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The way StruCalc 8 handled it was great. Annual license check or whenever a new installation takes place. Last weeks' downtime was quite frustrating.

UGH!  Deadlines obliterated... all engineers have lost access to this program!   Servers down at StruCalc??

Yes, desperately need to change current license validation, or we will be looking for new software.

So frustrating.   What happened to the good old days when you purchased software, used it when you want, end of story.

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