StruCalc Plus Announced Coming in 2018

StruCalc is pleased to announce the latest news in product development. In response to user demand for a program with increased engineering capabilities, StruCalc Plus will be released in 2018. A completely, new program with the goal to provide these increased capabilities while continuing our long history of being the most intuitive structural design program in the industry with incredibly easy to use interfaces at the most affordable price.

StruCalc Plus includes Footings, Beams, Columns, Joists, Walls, Basement Walls, Collar Tie’s, and Wood Hangers. Material options will initially include Solid Sawn lumber, MSR/MEL lumber, Structural Composite, I-Joists, and Steel with other design material’s planned.

Well that sounds a lot like StruCalc you might be saying to yourself! So here’s a sneak preview of what we mean by increased engineering capabilities, although this is not a comprehensive list…

· Up to 10 Span Analysis

· All 24 Load Combinations Wind, Seismic, Snow, etc.

· New Full LRFD/ASD Calculation Engine

· Unlimited Loading

o Includes Uniform, Trapezoidal, Point, Axial, Distributed Axial, Moments

o Biaxial Loading

o Load Types Wind, Seismic, Snow, etc.

· Variable End Conditions

o Fixed, Pinned, Fixed Pin, Roller, Free, etc.

· Includes the revolutionary new tool Load Tracker! Quickly link designs, transfer loads between designs, and re-calculate your entire project after making changes

· Footings have Moments, Offsets, Point Loads on Continuous Footings, and overturning/sliding calculations

· Beams and Joists have the capability to specify hanger options with a highly interactive, graphical design interface and Loading Diagram

            o Use this module to design Floor Beams, Roof Beams, Floor Joists, Roof Rafters, Hip/Valley Beams, Custom Beams

· Modules also include the same, easy to use, legacy load input capabilities as well as many new calculators to further speed up design

· 13 different views for each Load Combination to display Shear, Moment, Deflection, and Stresses

· Additional Wood strength factors such as temperature and creep

· Comprehensive adequacy information

· Columns have biaxial bending along with all the comprehensive features added to Beams and Joists

· Walls have SDPWS repetitive member factors

· Collar Tie’s have adjustable wall heights, differential roof slopes, and full loading capabilities

· Basement Walls are a new module idea that expands the software capability to design an entire house

Planned continued development to StruCalc Plus includes more advanced engineering modules for the professional residential and light commercial market. These will include concrete/masonry beams, columns, and walls, composite beams, retaining walls, and more.

To see a sneak peak at exclusive screenshots of these exciting new features in action visit our website here. Please note that design capabilities and graphics are continually being upgraded and improved.

Do you want to receive additional information, news, and updates about this exciting new product and its development progress? If so Sign Up now for the StruCalc Plus mailing list and also be among the first to get access to the beta version when it is available.

Adam Wilson

StruCalc Development Team

We are thinking about to upgrade from 9.0 to 10.0 but heard that Strucalc plus will be coming in 2018.  Is it possible to upgrade from strucalc 10 to strucalc plus? 

These are completely separate programs. There won't be an upgrade from 10 to Plus. Additionally, StruCalc 11 will also be available in late 2018. It really comes down to a matter of what feature set is most appropriate for your companies design needs to determine which you should plan on using.

If you need the features listed above, as well as other more advanced engineering modules that will be coming in StruCalc Plus then you'll want to wait for that release. If StruCalc 9.0 meets your design needs you will probably want to continue using the standard numbered versions of StruCalc. I would upgrade to 10 and then 11 when it comes out. There will be smaller upgrade fees if you upgrade each version.

If you have any specific questions or need help deciding which path would be best please let me know.

I see that Plus has the ability to have up to 10 spans. Will StruCalc 11 have this same feature?

Do you have a list of updates for StruCalc 11?



The original StruCalc can't support more than 3 spans. It's an issue with how the original calculation engine was built. This is essentially why we are releasing another product with a completely new calculation engine that allows us to offer much more advanced features.

StruCalc 11 will be released in late 2018 but we don't have a list of features that will be included in it. Essentially, if a feature is on this list, it won't be in StruCalc 11.

I would really like to see a Lateral Load Analysis for Shear Walls.  Are there any plans to add this in the future?

Any updates on a Release Date?


It would be nice if you added composite beams to the list

I would recommend shifting from product development to customer support where you are lacking......

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