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Truss load

Goo Day,

How do I or even can I use the Rafter module to calculate a truss end load reaction for inclusion in load tracker when designing a multi-load beam?


I am new to strucalc and thinking about my strategy on this as well. I am thinking about using a generic beam for this analysis and tweaking the live load for the slope.

Anyone else working on this?

Could you maybe use the collar tie module at whatever your spacing is? It is available to add as a Tracker uniform load to a multi span beam.

You may have to fudge the dead load to represent the actual load of your truss? Please let me know if this is a possibility.


You would think that this would be a question that has been asked and answered many times. Few if any never ever build with trusses; especially garages and such. There does not seem to be a straight forward answer to this. Surprised that the author of the program has not stepped in to offer a solution. Maybe there is not one.
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