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Tech support not resopnding

I have been trying for a few days to get my version of StruCalc 10 to open. It comes up with a message to contact customer support for a more permanent version. I have multiple licensed seats of StruCalc 10. I have sent emails and left phone messages, but no one will respond. Has anyone else had trouble getting a response?

I am having the same NO RESPONSE problem since last Friday.

Glenn Galbraith

I am having the same problem. I have gone 6 days without a response. I have called, emailed and done the same.

I'm having the same problem with Sales not responding. I bought Strucalc 2 days ago but have not received the link to download. I've left 2 emails and 2 voicemails so far. 

Work around: I am getting an error message saying it is a timed version of StruCalc and to call technical support. I have found a temporary work around. Just change your computers clock back to before you started getting the error message and the program will open right up. I think this is because they have yet to get their server working snice they had problems with it about a year ago. Now they seem to be avoiding their customers. Still like the software when you can get it to open. 

Thank you Michael!!!! I did what you suggested and backed up the date on my computer to last Thursday,

and the program works!!!.

Thank you for your help. I hope the owners can respond with a permanent solution soon and stop avoiding our anxious concerns.


Glenn Galbraith, P.E. 

I had the same problem this morning, east coast time. I changed my clock and it worked. I'm going to leave my computer running and the program on until this gets resolved. I hope they didn't close down the company. I didn't realize Cascade Consulting sold the program to someone else.

The new Vitruvius StruCalc needs to take a lesson from the old StruCalc on customer service. You would think if you were going to rebrand under a new name that would be the time you would want to provide the best customer service. Seems like the Vitruvius crowd has a lot to learn. What ashamed to drive your long time customers to look else where when you are starting something new.

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Counting 4 days now since I bought Strucalc online. I wish I had known about all this. The payment cleared my bank but I still haven't received a link to download the app. Continuing to call and email daily with no answer or response. 

Any advice on how to get my $150 back? 

They had problems a year ago with the server. Still not addressed a year ago? Well I guess I'll have to abandon my license and look into something more reputable, like Woodworks.

yup, I set mine back a year to use strucalc. 

Setting the date/time back works to open the program, but wreacks havoc with other applications that require the date/time to be set correctly prior to launch (such as Adobe).

I've got two installs, one for office and one for home. The office is dead, the home still works. So it's a problem with the temporary patches they set up when their server died last year. But never fixed.

Does anyone know any other programs that can do flitch plate and steel designs? There are a few free programs out there for wood design and microlam design like Weyerhauser Forte, Boise Cascade BC Calc, and a paid one Woodworks, but if this program is no longer supported, we will all have to find something else.

BeamCheck looks too antiquated. Like it's still on Windows 95.

When you start your day, manually set your computer clock back one month, start Strucalc. When it's loaded, go back to your computer clock before opening anything else, and reset the clock to "set time automatically". Then start your other programs. I realized the conflict when my Quickbooks Accounting time card program crashed. It's a pain, but it'll work.

I too would like to know if anyone comes up with a good comparable program. Not sure I can stomach working with the Vitruvius crowd even if they get everything fixed up without trying to charge us an arm and leg for the software we already paid for. 

Time to switch to Enercalc

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