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Torsional shear in an angle

I'm not sure if this is technically a bug, or my misunderstanding of torsion in an angle, but here goes: I am designing a 6x4x3/8" angle acting in a pair of lintel angles 7ft long. The total shear on each angle is approximately 3000lbs but the torsional shear is listed at over 10x that value. The angle is failing in a situation where I believe it should be working. The unbraced length is set to 0. The angles will be clamped to the sides of the wall with steel through bolts.

I am copying a calc previously prepared by another engineer with another program that is showing the angle to be stressed at only 11% of capacity. I prefer to use Strucalc, but I believe the results to be incorrect in this case.

On a related note, what does the strucalc reference for torsional shear (C-G4-2) refer to? I can't even find information on this method to check the math behind it. I don't see it in the 14th edition.

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