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embedded post

Just a few errors/observations for the embedded post module (see file attached):

  1. program does not calculate correctly for non-constrained condition
  2. on input screen, h is identified as "Lateral Point Load One location", however, h is shown measured from top in Loading Diagram.  To be consistent with cantilever module, h should be measured from ground level
  3. in calculation for square footing, b is width of footing, whereas IBC 2012 states b is diagonal measurement
  4. Adequacy box (and print out) refers to IBC 1805.7 - this is an IBC 2006 reference and is not current with IBC 2009 or 2012
  5. Adequacy box (and print out) states "length of column inputted should include the portion of the column below grade above the point of fixity" - IBC assumes point of fixity at ground level
  6. it would be convenient if print out stated round or square footing
  7. IBC allows allowable lateral pressure to be doubled if 1/2" deflection can be tolerated at ground level - can a check box be included for this?
I have never posted to this forum before - will I receive a response?



Yes I have sent this on to our engineering department for review. Should have updates soon.


Here are the answers we received back from engineering. These changes have been made in

1. There was a minor error in the calculation that has been updated

2. StruCalc's original calculations for the column module were set up based on taking the load locations from the top of the column down. Modifying this from its original from the column/embedded post module is not possible. The results using our method of load inputs will obtain the correct results.  You can verify if the inputs in your design are correct by clicking the print preview button. The distance is managed in the calculation code to be equivalent with the IBC by subtracting the input location from the total length of the column, thus giving h measured from ground level.

3. The IBC allows you to use the diagonal distance of the post (or footing), which is a much less conservative approach. Since Strucalc is not set up to calculate the lateral loads on the columns in the diagonal direction, we have elected to base the embedded post design on the applicable load direction.

4. This caution has been removed

5. This caution has been removed

6. This information has been added to the printout when a round footing is selected

7. This feature has been added as a checkbox with a note on the printouts.

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