Status 407 is a Microsoft error that can occur when you are using a Proxy Server to connect to the internet 

More information about this error can be found at the links below:

General Information - A generic definition

HTTP / 1.1 Status Code Definitions - Technical Overview

Stack Overflow Website - This is a great resource/website that our techs use to research errors

Step 1: Check your network for access to StruCalc's Web Service by clicking here

Step 2: If the following webpage appears then the issue is your internal Proxy Server Authentication and continue to Step 3

Step 3: Open StruCalc and check your Proxy Settings

From inside the program go to Main Menu -> Utilities -> Settings -> Proxy Tab

All sections must be filled out with the information that your internal IT team provides. StruCalc can not help with these settings

From the Authentication Screen

If you receive this error and can not even open the program try to change the proxy settings on the Authentication Screen prior to the program opening.

The settings are the same as in StruCalc. Entering and saving the credentials here will then attempt to re-authorize your proxy server and save the settings for future StruCalc sessions.


This represents the entire knowledge base of technical data we have organized since the release of StruCalc 8.0. Unfortunately, proxy servers are not something that we can either work on, configure, or give anymore specific help that what is provided here. The login credentials and configuration of the proxy server is generally done by an internal IT department or a 3rd party contracted IT company. In general, the issue is resolved by updating your password, or changing the settings based on your companies proxy server settings.