StruCalc 8.0 and later versions give you the power to move your licenses from PC to PC without the need for contacting our support team or waiting on our response. While we strive to respond to all tickets as quickly as possible, in general, it is always going to be quicker to move your license with the StruCalc License Manager

Step 1: Open StruCalc from a PC that it is installed in. Even if the installed license is a demo, you can still access your License Manager

Step 2: Open your License Manager

Main Menu -> Utilities -> License Manager

Or by pressing F10

If this is your first time using the License Manager click Register

You will need your Customer ID, or you will need to Create A Ticket to retrieve it.

Enter any password you would like

Enter the email you used when you purchased StruCalc

The Serial Number will auto-populate on a licensed machine. On a demo machine you need to enter this from your original Authorization Email

Step 3: Login by hitting Submit

The License Manager will list all your installed licenses, the last date the license was used, and the date that the license can be released.

To release a license so that it may be installed on another PC, select the license in the list and click Release. You can now install that license on another PC.


StruCalc no longer requires contacting us directly to move your license from one PC to another. Using the License Manager gives you full control over when and where your licenses are being used.

Hints & Tips

If you wish to release a license that has not yet reached it's Release Date you will need to Create A Ticket. This is an anti-piracy measure that we regret having to enforce.